I am interested in Drawing as Inhabitation. There seems to be as much relevance to human beings gaining the ability to draw as gaining the ability to use language. Both allow the world to be integrated into the human context. Drawing allows inhabitation and appropriation of place and ideas. The loci of control from internal to external is developed through drawing as we develop as children.

I produced drawings of the remains of winch workings at a disused quarry site in North Wales.

I repeately revisited the sites of the winch buildings tiered down the mountain slope previously used to shuttle carriages up and down to transport the granite.

I e mailed North Wales Artist in Residence to ask permission for a residency, but received no reply, this organisation does not exist.

I created drawings at various sites and used the winch buildings as galleries, leaving the drawings to be exhibited. this was problematic as there was often difficulty in securing the drawings to a suitable surface. At one site I rolled the drawings and left them poking out from holes in the stonework. When I returned there were signs that they had been removed, had presumabley been looked at, and then rerolled and squashed back into their holes. Through this process I was able to generate knowledge that allowedme to appropriate this place. This place was now mine.


© Cliff Richards 2016